At be partners, we provide tailored services to your needs in differents areas of your company through a service module's system, hired according to your own requirements.

We cover these business areas

"In be partners, we are partners in your business and support its development"



Business Modules


Contact us:  +56992388520



We take care of business tasks incidental to helping our customers in meeting their obligations through quality advice.


Our philosophy is based on personalized service to our customers.

"We care about you"


Our services is comprehensive advisory services as an important part of the development of enterprises and their business, so we seek to be a complete solution transversely considering each and every one of the areas of the organization or person.


Today companies are living organisms that change, are suited and adapted to the new times, have different needs and be partners seeks to satisfy each of them.


be partners can advise and provide solutions to the needs of your company or entrepreneurs of different sizes  and industries in all areas of management, adapting to the structure of your company generating synergy, support and growth solutions in it.

Service Module: Using the flexible modular system of services be partners, you choose between our 15 options, only the modules that your company needs:


Service Module: Includes one module according to your needs.

Standard service: Includes 4 modules according to their needs.

Premium service: Includes 6 modules according to their needs.

Gold Service: Includes 8 modules according to their needs.

Integral service: Includes 10 modules according to their needs.


Special advice: According to your needs we make special advice, contact us for a quote.


General Conditions:

The terms and conditions are incorporated into a contract between the client and be partners and their conditions of service include the respective modules requested by the client. The service can be contracted by legal entities or individuals, up to 10 employees (over 10 people additional charges can apply). The values ​​given in each proposal costs are payable monthly and in advance within the first five days of each month. Costs only apply within the metropolitan area of ​​Santiago (The services provided to customers located outside the metropolitan area of ​​Santiago have additional charges).

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Edificio MTZ - of 209

La Reina - Santiago

Región Metropolitana


Tels : +562 3246 0575  +562 3216-1841

Wstp: +569 5029 8713


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